Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The common non-sense!
"Man's glory is in common sense,
Dictating us the grace,
That man is made to live and love
The beauteous Heaven's embrace"

- Chanakya
Photo: Chanakya's World

On the way to New Delhi by Sapt kranti super fast express on April 9, 2007, I made a stroll on the platform when the train was halted at Motihari railway station . Suddenly my eyes were fixed on a plaque and a work of modern art beneath it. Just look at the picture.

The plaque reads in Hindi that railway minister Lalu Yadav has inaugurated the construction work of MODEL RAILWAY STATION at Motihari on 20 July 2005 with the names of other leaders engraved on it. The people of this great place (in History at least) perhaps didn't like the lie written on the plaque and splashed the betal-spits beneath it. We may call it un-civic sense.

The people of state of UP and Bihar are particularly in-famous for the tobacco chewing and spitting at every possible public place... When I want to have an answer why peole deface anything that is of public importance I find no answer. May be people are least concerned or very short common sense. Just, give me any other reason if you have!

Now, have a glimpse of the importance of this place. The birth-place of Nineteen Eighty Four fame George Orwell and seat of freedom movement from where Mahatma Gandhi started his long battle to achieve independence. Imagine if the lawlessness and uncivic manners rule the day here. Lately, the Maoist made the foray in the area supported by their Nepal bastion.

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