Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mobile Temple

Delhi has indeed many faces to show. With the inauguration of a huge Hanuman statue, that is also tallest statue in the capital, on the Pusa Road yesterday I zeroed in on a mobile temple. Just, view these pictures. A mobile temple on Delhi road. Fitted on a cart with a loud

Photo: Chanakya's World

speaker on the top, the temple moves around streets. The woman sits on the driver's seat and directs the poor cow in the hot weather whole day (is Maneka Gandhi listening) to garner some money. It creats traffic chaos, too.

In fact, in entire India you can see the cattles roaming around the busy roads. Despite having regulations and municipal bodies in place it is a pan Indian effect. Here, at least, diversity doesn't come in the way (to progress?)

What would you say the alibis behind these practices- the strong religious belief of Indians or absence of civic sense or else? decide....

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