Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Aspirations soar high in Nepal

So, the Nepal became Republic… shshsh…

Still a lot of roughages are to be smoothened. Nepali Congress being the grand old party finds it difficult to leave the place it adored many a times as King's tool to fool the people of Nepal. Everyone wants their share of pie in the new power set up after departure of the King.

When Prachanda won the elections it even surprised him the way people supported them. The myriad of Maoist ways of intimidation, people's disillusionment from the state of affairs and King's inability to control clicked Prachanda's way. But, the real test has begun now.

republic in nascent stage- it takes time and commitment to be hardened
Photo: Chanakya's World
When GP Koirala gives up PM's chair? who will be the President? how the constitution be written? Everything is under the wrap. No one knows.

The conservatives are feeling vindicated that King's presence in the power structure is necessary and without the Palace everything will not be hunky-dory. "The Panchayat-era propaganda – that Nepal would collapse as a nation state without the presence of a kingship-as-glue – has long been disproved. On the other hand, Nepal is today a hotbed of discontent, where historically marginalised communities of mountain, midhill and plain are demanding the right to participate in state affairs, and for equitable development that touches all lives. The Constituent Assembly, which has just abolished the kingship, is now asked to write a constitution of the kind that will help all the citizens of Nepal to ‘own’ their country. And so, it will be the new constitution that will serve as the real glue that binds together the alert and energised communities of a country that has just abolished its historical monarchy," argues Kanak Mani Dixit, one of the most respected political commentator in Kathmandu, in the Himal.

The ferocious voice of Maoist Prachanda seems on lower ebb. He is trying hard to show the world that he is now responsible and accountable to entire Nepal. And, how the hell a widow of a minnows garnered popular support and virtually forced him to give counsel to her! It reflects people's mood who don't want to let slip this opportunity of taking Nepal on track.

The Maoist cadres- the People Libeartion Army- will be accommodated in (Royal) Nepal Army, they say like this. The thugs who killed people at their will and took entire country to ransom- will protect the interest of the country. They say that old habits die hard!

Aspirations soar high in Kathmandu valley, Terai (plains) and rest of Nepal. Youths are desperate to find opportunities to build their career and guardians envisage perhaps good educational institutions will be set-up for their progenies. And, mind you everyone is in hurry.

At least this time people of Nepal should have level-playing field before time is out.

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