Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Reverse sterilization and adoption in Sichuan

To soothe the nerves of hapless couples of Sichuan, authorities have contemplated to send medical team who will do reverse sterilization operation on them and make them able to conceive. These are the unfortunate parents whose 7000 children (this figure is for only children) died in the May 12 earthquake.

Yes, not all would be ready and lucky enough to go under the knife. For the residuals there is another figment of hope lies in form of adoptions.

According to the authorities, the May 12 quake left 1,019 children as orphans and they are meant to be adopted. Some of the men and women definitely would go from pillar to the post to have a baby by means of operation or adoption and many I’m sure would be left behind.

For them even time will not act as a healer. God bless them!

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