Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Zimbabwe oozes blood under tyrant Mugabe

Zimbabwe is the least happy nation in the world- says World Values Survey. And, the findings came out at a time when this former British colony is already making the headlines for reasons lie within and largely inaction on the part of African Union (AU) and Southern Africa Development Community (SADC).

Robert Mugabe, the man who once regarded as messiah by his people may not like this report but, many of his countrymen fully endorse the findings. Zimbabwe has become synonymous for political uncertainty, social strife and economy in mess. Rawanda like situation is looming large.

25 billion Zimbabwean dollars is equal to a single US dollar, imagine!
Zimbabweans play the zero game
People are going through the utter hardships - rampant poverty, critical food and fuel shortages and endemic unemployment- thanks to the non-governance of Mugabe.

African Union Summit, where Mugabe is sashaying his shoulders with the 'old friends' at Sharm-El-Sheikh in Egypt, calls for the regional mediation efforts for the reconciliation in divisive political scenario in Zimbabwe. Earlier it was envisaged that the major African grouping would have come down strongly on the dictatorial rule of Mugabe. Now, South Africa and big nations of the continent have taken the middle path. Yes, some murmurs were there in the background by countries like Botswana.

Morgan Tsvangirai who won the first round of polls in March this year ended up in taking refuge in the Dutch Embassy saying his supporters would have targeted by the Zanu-PF (Mugabe's party) thugs. Reports say that more than 80 people have killed so far by the Mugabe's supporters and thousands are missing. Mugabe took no notice of the UN and world leaders call to give up the run-off. He was the only candidate in the run-off in which he 'won' and the whole world as expected condemned it as a sham.

A British television reporter accused him of “stealing elections in your country.” Mr. Mugabe snapped back: “When are the British going to stop colonizing us? I am the president whether you like it or not.” (a report in NYT)

Perhaps he gained sympathy from fellow regional politicians by beating up the white farmers in Harare and took control from the British colonists - a liberation hero-and his henchmen did the job entrusted to rob the country.

Thabo Mbeki, the big brother of the region should be blamed for Mugabe's sin. He visited Harare when violence was at the peak and he did nothing to persuade the Communist Mugabe. He did nothing when returned back and he is still talking of mediation!

"It is the peace of southern Africa that is at stake. Britain's success in giving Zimbabwe its democratic chance would prove pyrrhic indeed if all its efforts had handed this vital corner of the world into Marxist hands. It is a legitimate fear. Will the new Mr Mugabe dispel it?" asked the Economist on March 8, 1980 when Mugabe took over from Britain as a prime minister.

The fears remain there 28 years after.

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