Friday, April 30, 2010

Afghanistan-future is tense

As Afghanistan is being readied to take on India in the T-20 ICC championship tomorrow it stirs a thought process. Kudos to boys who're trying to instill and spread a sense of nationhood among its brethrens in face of a country which is tired, wounded and torn among God knows how many things, with fighting within and outside. A nerve-centre of the Great Game which is being played in its courtyard and also vested interests of Global stake-holders made the entire region a real chaotic affair.

When poor people of Afghanistan would be seen rooting for their team and still living between the vices of medieval Taliban and ultra modern American power machine, somewhere a sense of déjà vu would prevail. In Delhi many a kiosks and corners would witness the smile of Kabuliwalas.

Two great events took place today which brought peace on earth- the virtual end of World War II with the suicide of Hitler and this was also the day when most bloodied war in the East Asia, the Vietnam War ended with Saigon fell to communist troops from the north. The Afghanistan cricket team being readied to take India on in an international championship perhaps doesn't have any idea about these historic facts. They learned the game out of guts only; many players straight out of the refugee camps who witnessed only dark sides of life-like fast bowler Hamid Hassan, he was just six when he came to a camp. These boys will win even they lose to India and which is imminent.

The vibes are positive, with Af-Pak the 'exit route' is being created, with heavy costs goodwill of India is forever but, future is under wrap- no body knows when and how this Tilism is deciphered.

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