Monday, May 19, 2008

Quake in China & Jaipur blasts - two shades of Democracy

A woman fainted in arms of her husband at the town of Hanwang in Sichuan province of China. And, she is not the only one; several couples are sitting and staring in vacuum. They speak no words and their tears also stopped rolling. They are the victims of ‘one child policy’ which China implemented with iron-hand. Yes, they all have lost their only child. Since the regulations were introduced in 1979, China has kept its population in check using persuasion, coercion and encouragement. Now, it’s apparent that a large no. of victims are children after the 7.9 quake which devastated the south-western part of China on May 12 and toll may go above 50,000.
Death and despair is imminent but, these childless (read child snatched) couples are asking 'grand pa Jiabao', how to hang on'?

The middle-aged couples have no choice and their lives will go rudderless in the new glory of Chinese prosperity. So, that is fallout of not being a democracy.

Now, come to Jaipur, the hotspot of tourist map of India, jolted by same sinister design which bleeding India for the last many years. The Tuesday blast (May 13), which claimed 66 lives and many are in critical condition, again opened the turf for the blame game. Rampur, courts in UP, Hyderabad, Samjhauta Exp, Malegaon, Mumbai, Varanasi and Delhi and now the Pink City all suffered by similar modus operandi but, why didn’t Indian authorities still be able to cut through their veins. Many reasons will be cited and nothing will come out as a solution because of DEMOCRACY.

The UPA and Left can’t take drastic measures and BJP will clamour only for POTA. Even nothing concrete has been achieved during NDA rule where anticipation was high in this regard. V P Singh, as a prime minister promised ration card for the Bangladeshi migrants. Vasundhra Raje ordered to pack off the Bangladeshis. But to where? Off to Bay of Bengal or caretaker government in Bangladesh will say that please send them after all they are ours!

In elections how many people cross the eastern border to West Bengal and how the demography of lower Assam and Kishanganj in Bihar have been changed due to these illegal and ‘encouraged from within’ migration is not a secret.

Several states have failed to maintain the sanctioned strength of police force, said Manmohan Singh and advocated for a federal agency to combat terror. Isn't it only the pep talk in an election year? Manvendra Singh, son of Jaswant Singh in an article in The Indian Express very rightly pointed out towards a vital organ, “a 19th-century, imperial police structure cannot confront the challenge of a 21st-century war by other means. The ineptitude of the higher police hierarchy and an interfering polity pooled together to corrode a vital national institution.”

On terror and many other issues Indian people are victim of the DEMOCRACY and people from Sichuan in China feeling the pinch of non-democratic norms in their country.

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