Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You can have it now dear

The aggrieved parents who lost their only child in the quake in China's Sichuan province now allowed to have another after obtaining a certificate. China daily reported that Chengdu Population and Family Planning Committee confirmed that if a couple lost their child, severely injured or disabled in the devastating quake they will be exempt from the one-child policy. But, what about the women who cannot conceive now!

In large parts of rural China, most families are allowed a second-child, especially if the first was a girl.

Many Chinese have shown interest in adopting earthquake orphans, and Monday's announcement says there are no limits on the number of earthquake orphans a family can adopt. The adoptions, or even a future birth to a family that adopts an orphan, will not face the limitations of the policy. Officials estimated last week that the quake left about 4,000 orphans, but they warned they would make every effort to connect children with other family members.
One-Child Policy Lifted for Quake Victims’ Parents

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